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Manny Ortiz


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Alex Ortiz


Official Mira-Growth was created by two brothers searching for a solution to their problems. Emmanuel AKA Manny has been suffering with hair loss since his early twenties. He thought that it was something temporary but little by little that thinning started to shape into a bald spot that would spread from the back (crown) to the front (hairline) of his head. He was very embarrassed to the point that he started shaving his head thinking it would help his hair grow back thicker and fuller. Once he realized that the head shaving was not working, he started wearing hats thinking that covering his problem would be the solution. He was embarrassed to the point that he did not want to go out in public and be seen without a hat. His brother Alex Ortiz on the other hand mainly suffered with severe acne and was very embarrassed to the point that he did not want to be seen in public. Just like many they began to use anything that they could get their hands on hoping it would create a difference in their figure. After many intents and thousands of dollars wasted the two brothers started to get in the mindset of giving up. Sometime after He started doing his research on hair transplants and other types of treatments such as PRP. These procedures were not just something that was awfully expensive but was something that did not put an end to the hair loss. Other products that he used were products that you will have to use forever or in other words until the day that you die. That is when he started thinking about his future and if he should keep trying out products or end up getting a procedure. What made Manny stay away from a transplant is knowing that it's not just an overnight or onetime thing in most cases it's something that you will have to do for multiple sessions. The average person has 100,000-150,000 hairs on their head. The average cost per hair implanted is 5$. If you do the math it will not come out to a good number. He said he would rather buy himself a brand-new sports car or a house with that kind of money. When they were about to give up that is when they came up with the idea of creating their own since they realized that nothing out there in the market worked. Not were things not working but many of them are extremely dangerous to use and have awfully bad side effects. They wanted to make something that would work, would be much safer to use, and most important something that both men and women can afford. Since hair loss is not just something that men suffer with, but women suffer with this issue as well. Many people think that the problem is that they do not have hair but in all honesty that is not the problem because at one point every one of us had hair. The problem is that the hair started to thin and then fall out of nowhere. There are many reasons for hair loss some for example such as genetics, stress, environmental, etc. At the end of the day it is still hair loss and if used correctly it can be treated and helped. Many products promote "hair growth" and that is it. The actual problem is the hair loss itself. The reason why we do not see results with these other products is because if something did grow out, we did not notice the difference because that newborn hair fell with the rest of our hair. Official Mira Growth works differently by treating the problem first which is the hair loss itself and once it does that that is when newborn hair will begin to grow on the area where applied on. Therefore, it is particularly important to use the product correctly to stop the problem completely. Many people ask me if this thing worked why is there so many bald people? and the answer is simple "Because they have not used my product.” You will never know how good my product really is until you decide to use it. Official Mira Growth is not just a hair growth product but is proven to show hair growth on other places such as the beard and on the eyebrows. So, whether you are using it for hair, beard, or eyebrows just know that you are in good hands and we are here to help. Alex suffered with very severe acne and used many things, and many did no difference and others activated his acne and made it much worse. It’s very easy to put on a hat and hide your problem but when it comes to your face what can you do? You cannot just wear a mask and hide your face to the world. He like Emmanuel tried any type of cream or product that he could get his hands on and nothing helped. He went to a dermatologist and they recommended him to use Accutane nor was it just awfully expensive 400$ a month but it was very dangerous as well. Nor was it something he would have to use for an awfully long time but something that could potentially damage him.  That is when Manny asked him why he did not just start using my treatment and see if it can help better his situation. Neither him nor Manny ever had any facial hair. His end goal was to help my little brother get not just his confidence back but be happy with his appearance. In little time he started gaining some serious results and cleaned up his face very well! Seeing his brother’s amazing results as shown here motivated Emmanuel to use the product on his face as well. From them two they began to use it on others at their friend’s local barbershop and from there decided to help others in the same or similar situation as we use something that can help them. Thank you for your time and we hope to get you all started on your treatment soon! Always remember that no one can help you better than someone who has gone through the same or similar situation as yourself. 

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