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Our Philosophy is to give each one of our customers the best tools to have the beard or the hair that they wish to have. We like to conduct our business with confidence and honesty. Our business is different we are not here for the “sale” most other businesses just focus on the sale. We help you as a person first and give you more then just the product to get the results but the confidence and motivation as well. Many other things that you purchase once bought all contact is lost there if you need help no one is there to help you but with us it is different we are more then just a Hair and Beard growth company, but a family and family is always there no matter what.  Our products sell for themselves with their results and their warranty but the reason we are over succeeding everyone else is our service and way we treat each of our customers. We are not here with the lies we will tell you the truth from the start. Not only that but as a business we end up winning more telling you the truth and helping you since not only will you become a returning customer but send recommendations as well. I know many of you are skeptical about trying my product out, but I assure you that I used to be you. Other businesses that promote stuff like this have never been bald or had lack of facial hair, but we have. As we like to say we are a product from the people for the people. We have been in your shoes we have tried things that you have and had the same outcome. Which is what bringing us to this the reason why this business was started. To help all those men and women who are just like we were at one point. To give you faith that there is still HOPE. With no hope there is no purpose and that is what we will give you. I know to many our product might come out to be expensive, but I guarantee you that it is not expensive at all.  Compared to other products or alternatives not only is our product much cheaper but effective as well. Everyone knows that cheap stuff in the long run ends up becoming more expensive. Not only that but our product is not something that you will need to use forever I recommend only until all newborn hair has reached its adult and permanent stage. If you start adding up numbers, you will see how you will end up saving a lot of money by using our product instead of going the cheaper route. Do your research on any other product and I guarantee you that once you stop using it you will end up worse than you started. Other businesses do not care about helping you they only care about keeping you as a customer for life. Just like you and I are adults and can take care of ourselves that is what I will help your hair or beard do once it gets to the adult stage. Using other cheaper products that do not work will not just take money away from you but time as well. Money can always be refunded but time spent cannot. Not only will I help you save money avoiding things that do not work but time as well. Not only money and time but most other products have unbelievably bad side effects. My product is much better, safer, and cheaper in the long run. Many people always tell me that I am “underrated” and that I should be selling my product for thousands since it works but I am not in this for the money I do this business to help those who genuinely want to help themselves. Why would I charge thousands of dollars for something that I can sell at a price that anyone can purchase? Why would I sell something for only the rich to buy when many people who need my product are the working class who live paycheck to paycheck. Let us put this for example a 6-mo. kit for the beard with taxes and shipping comes out to a total of approximately 320$ and a 6 mo. for the hair for 420$ with taxes and shipping included. That comes out to an average of about 60$ a month. I cut my hair once every week and pay my barber 25$ per hair cut that is a total of 100$ a month and a total of 600$ in 6 months. We pay a barber close to twice as much to cut something then what my business charges to help you grow that same thing. Once you start seeing the big picture you will see how affordable my product really is. There are many other procedures as well such as PRP that do not work but not only that but are awfully expensive. People get PRP sessions to increase blood flow every 3 months on average and still have a less effect than my product. Not only do these PRP patients pay thousands of dollars for a similar treatment but the difference is that it will never have the effect of doing a similar thing daily. What makes my product work is discipline and consistency. Going to the gym once a month and working for 24 hours that day will not have the same effect as going to the gym for one hour a day every day. The main reason why my product excels everything in any way possible is because our body is like a computer and you are manually training it daily to grow hair on the area where applied on. You are physically creating activity on the dormant area. This brings me to my next topic which is hair and beard “transplants.” This is the closest thing that I can compare to the potence of my product, but my product still over succeeds it by miles. Many believe a hair transplant is an easy fix but even that takes months to show and we are not just talking about one session but several. Us humans are used to avoiding and hiding our problems instead of facing them and doing something about it. How many of you are the person who is suffering from hair loss and uses a hat to cover it? That used to be me as well I do not blame you. Hair Transplants are not a solution to your hair loss they are just a mannequin, a cover up, they are not there to fix the problem but to cover it. My product will solve the problem first which is the hair loss and after doing that is when newborn hair will begin to grow. My product will give your body the tools to grow hair itself there is no need for transplants or any of that. Look at my testimonial page all those customers are real customers just like YOU people who would never in a lifetime have the money to get a successful transplant. Each session is worth thousands of dollars each hair implanted is worth dollars. A typical human has anywhere from 100,000-150,000 hair particles on their head. To have a successful transplant we are talking anywhere in the hundred thousand to close to millions. Why do you think only celebrities and movie actors have successful hair transplants and not your typical person? Many customers of mine have had transplants and when I see them it is honestly not worth the money and that is because many have only done a few sessions like one or two and for a lot of money. My product will work on anyone regardless the race, sex, and amount of hair someone starts with. Even if you are someone completely bald or someone with no facial hair my product will still work on you! Even if you feel like there is no hope trust me there is. Someone like you it is much easier to see a difference since nothing is there once pores start to open and hair starts to be born you will easily see the difference. I am here for the people and will always be on the people’s side which is why I am not charging hundreds of thousands like transplants for something that I can do and have the same type of effect or better. For this reason and more for anyone who genuinely wants results purchase one of our 6-month kits that way you will not end up paying more for it in the long run. This kit will have warranty on an affected area, and I guarantee you it will be the best investment you have ever done in your lifetime! Not only will it help you grow a fuller set of hair or beard but the confidence and happiness that it will give you is priceless. This investment is a win/win situation where you the client never loses! Hope to see you all soon and sharing your testimony and results. Take care and God Bless.





Manny Ortiz MG Owner

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