OFFICIAL MIRA GROWTH (MG) offers the customer the most inexpensive thing on the market that actually works. Compared to hair and beard transplants or other alternatives such as prp injections I'm practically giving the product away. Did you know hair transplants charge an average of 5$ per hair implanted? A normal person has anywhere from 100,000-150,000 hair follicles on their head. For a successful hair transplant we are talking anywhere close to a million dollars not only that but make sure if the person qualifies for one and many don't since their hairless is too advanced. We help anyone with hair loss no matter how advanced. Not only that but The average person simply does not have anywhere close to that kind of money. Other places don't care about helping the client but just taking the money from the client which is why our company is privately owned. Pharmaceutical companies don't care about helping the client but selling them things that they will need forever. Our products are not something that you will always need we just recommend to keep using until all new born hair has reached it's permanent and mature stage. Once our hair/beard reaches that stage just like us which are adults and take care of ourselves our hair can take care of itself as well.  Our number one mission is to sell the client what's best for them both results wise and money wise. All of our 6 month treatments for both the HAIR and the BEARD have warranty on an area. The warranty is that our products are 100% GUARANTEED to work on you if you used for the required time and correctly or YOUR MONEY BACK. The only way the product will not give you results is simply if you do not use it. This creates a WIN/WIN situation for the client where the client will always win. Most importantly other than money we are here to not waste your time and help you avoid purchasing other things that do not work since time is nonrefundable. We are here to help all those who truly want to help themselves but at the end of the day if the customer (YOU) is not willing to help themselves it's impossible for us to help you. People are more used to hiding and avoiding their problems then facing them and doing something about it. People suffering from hair loss much rather wear hats, use things such as topix, or tattoo their hair which are all examples of avoiding when they can use our product and truly do something about their situation. Our product is not the best but it is much safer than anything else as well since most stuff out there won't just damage your head/face but damage the inside of your body as well.  We will give you all the tools that you will need to grow that hair or beard that you wish to have but we also need you to put the other half and put the tools to practice and use the product as we advice. Please read the information of our product and how it functions on any of our 4 options under "HAIR and Beard Growth Products." Thanks for your interest and I hope you choose the right decision and start your treatment today!                                                                                                           


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