Before applying the treatment make sure to wash the face until it is completely clean and dry. It is important to shower and use shampoo and conditioner daily for best results. The product works on the inside which is what will help grow new hair on the face and the moisturizing lotion will work on everything on the outside which is the foundation of the face and the hair on the beard. The lotion will help thicken and strengthen the new and old hair faster. When used together they create the perfect combination which is why we are selling them to you as a kit since it is what is best for you both monetary and results wise. After using the roller for 5-10 minutes apply one full dropper on each affected area(s). Be careful when using the roller since at first the body is not used to it; it can irritate the skin. Since, the hair is not there just to look good but to protect the skin. If used on an area with hair it will not hurt as much since the area is stronger and protected. Once hair starts to grow and with time the body will become used to the treatment. If you are someone with somewhat of a beard and are just trying to fill in a couple of bald spots your doses are one full dropper. Apply half on one side and half on the other until all areas are covered with the treatment. If you are someone with little to no facial hair, then apply one full dropper on each side of the face until the entire face is completely covered with the treatment. The larger an area is the more product needs to be applied. It is recommended to be used once a day every day before going to sleep when the face is completely clean and dry. After doing all these steps you can wait for it to dry or you can go to sleep and leave on overnight that way the product can stay on as long as possible. The next day in the morning to prevent irritation or scraping/dryness from the roller and product apply lotion onto the face. Make sure to follow these exact steps once a day every day and soon you will be having that beard that you are looking forward to having. Remember not to shave until all newborn hair has reached its permanent and final stage. If you are serious about helping yourself then here is the solution to all your problems!


Eyebrow/Eyelash Use


For everyone who will be using for eyebrow and eyelash growth please be careful that way the product will not go inside the eye. The process is the same the only difference is that for both it is recommended to apply on the eyebrow and not the eyelash for precaution. Since both areas are next to each other the strength of the product will pass from one area and to the other one. The first thing you always need to do is clean the area until it is completely clean and dry since good hygiene is important. After doing this you use the roller on the eyebrows for 5 minutes and fill up one full dropper and apply half on each side drop by drop. After doing this you can wait for it to dry or go to sleep. Next day apply our moisturizing lotion on the eyebrows to hydrate the skin and prevent irritation from occurring. Please avoid plucking/trimming of the eyebrows until all newborn hair has reached its permanent and adult stage. Follow these steps daily for best results.

3 Month Treatment for BEARD with Thickening/Moisturizing Lotion Included

$200.00 Regular Price
$140.00Sale Price
  • If you do not see results with the 3-month treatment do not worry, please use it for another 3 months since 6 consecutive months is the MAXIMUM amount of time to see results and 100% GUARANTEED to work. As long as you keep using the product the results will show you just have to be patient and consistent and use it every single day once a day don't ever forget! Just one day of not using it can mess up your treatment.

    OFFICIAL MIRA-GROWTH is made up from the best hair growth products for hair loss and beard growth and offers them to you all in each bottle. Thus, this makes it the best hair and beard growth product used by men and women. The ingredients are the following: 100% Bergamot Oil, Biotin, Rogaine, Collagen, Aloe Vera, Propylene glycol, purified water, citric acid, and alcohol.

  • No Returns will be accepted, all purchases are FINAL. (Only refunds that will be accepted are for those who have used the product for the required time and correctly. Please take a picture first day of use and another at the 6 month mark for documentation). Thank you all for your continous support!


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