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The MINUMUM time required to start seeing Results is 3 months and the MAXIMUM amount of time to start seeing Results is 6 months. This product can be used by both MEN and WOMEN and can be used on the HAIR, BEARD, OR EYEBROWS. Both treatments include the new roller that opens the pores for free that is twice as good as our old one. This treatment needs to be used ONCE A DAY every day. This will work on you in two steps. First, with this same treatment it will stop the problem which is the hair loss and after doing that is when newborn hair will begin to grow on the areas where applied on. With hair loss the pores close, so the roller is very much needed since its job is to create an opening for the treatment to go inside. The hair/beard growth serum is for the inside which is what will help stop hair loss and stimulate new hair growth and the shampoo and conditioner is for everything on the outside which is to strengthen and rebuild the foundation (scalp) and to help thicken and strengthen all the hair not just the newborn hair or affected areas. When used together they create the perfect combination and as a business our client’s well-being is our priority which is why we are only selling the combined kits since it is what’s best for you both monetary and results wise. First, take a shower with the shampoo and conditioner 1-2 hours before applying the treatment for best results. Apply a small portion of shampoo onto wet hair and massage gently until every piece of hair strand is completely covered. Rub fingers into scalp to deep cleanse any dandruff, irritation, and to help hydrate the scalp. Leave shampoo on for 10 minutes. Next, apply a small portion of conditioner onto wet hair after using shampoo and massage gently until every piece of strand is covered. Leave conditioner on for 10 minutes. After doing all this you can then rinse the hair. On a man with short hair each shampoo and conditioner will last 3-4 months if used correctly and for a woman it will last approximately 2 months since a woman’s hair is much longer. When using the treatment always start with the roller first when head is clean and dry. After using the roller for 5-10 minutes until you go over every affected area(s) 2-3 times you will have to fill one dropper and apply it drop by drop on the affected area. If you are a man please cut your hair short at the beginning of your treatment or bald that way the roller and product can have direct contact with the scalp since the hair can get in the way and consume all of the product. If you have more than 1 affected area, it is recommended that you use double the dosage meaning one dropper on each area that way both areas can be treated the same and it can work the same on both areas. On a man the head is separated into two parts which is the front (hairline) and the back (crown). The hairline starts from the middle of the head to the front and the crown starts from the middle of the head to the back. If you only have one of these areas shedding/bald then you will just need to apply one full dropper and if you already have both areas affected, please apply one full dropper on each area. Hair loss on a man always shows on one part and with time shows up on the other and at the end both areas connect and is what you call "male pattern baldness" since all men who suffer from this look the same. Women can suffer hair loss from the front, sides, middle, and the crown. If you are a woman and you have more than one affected area, please use the same doses which is one full dropper per area. Please be careful using the roller if you are a woman that way it will not get entangled onto the hair which can create the illusion of hair loss. Separate the hair into sections and use the roller onto the scalp on the open areas and after doing this apply the treatment and massage so the product can land on the scalp. On areas with little to no hair be careful and use at your own pace to decrease the chances of irritation. If irritation starts to show it is completely normal just apply aloe vera gel the next day or shampoo and conditioner when showering. With consistent use the irritation will decrease and fade away. If you are serious about helping yourself then here is the solution to all your problems!

3 Month Combo for HAIR with Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner Included

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  • If you do not see results with the 3-month treatment do not worry, please use it for another 3 months since 6 consecutive months is the MAXIMUM amount of time to see results and 100% GUARANTEED to work. As long as you keep using the product the results will show you just have to be patient and consistent and use it every single day once a day don't ever forget! Just one day of not using it can mess up your treatment.

    OFFICIAL MIRA-GROWTH is made up from the best hair growth products for hair loss and beard growth and offers them to you all in each bottle. Thus, this makes it the best hair and beard growth product used by men and women. The ingredients are the following: 100% Bergamot Oil, Biotin, Rogaine, Collagen, Aloe Vera, Propylene glycol, purified water, citric acid, and alcohol.

  • No Returns will be accepted, all purchases are FINAL. (Only refunds that will be accepted are for those who have used the product for the required time and correctly. Please take a picture first day of use and another at the 6 month mark for documentation). Thank you all for your continous support!


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