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The Six-Month Beard Kit can be used on both the Beard and the Eyebrows and is the MAXIMUM time required to start seeing results. This treatment can be used by both MEN and Women and will work on anyone regardless the race, sex, and amount of hair they start with. As of now everything is NEW and IMPROVED that way YOU the customer can have a much better and quicker experience.The Three-Month Beard Kit includes our famous serum bottles a total of 6that are TWICE as strong as our old ones , our new roller that will help open the pores, and not one but two of our new thickening/moisturizing lotions. I RECOMMEND EVERYONE WHO WANTS SERIOUS AND GUARANTEED RESULTS TO PURCHASE THIS KIT! The serum bottles and rollers are for everything on the inside which is to open the pores and grow "new hair" and our lotions are for everything on the outside which is to thicken all the new and the old hair. Each of the items included in this treatment are important and should be used correctly to obtain results. Our beard kits work faster than our hair growth kits since on the beard/eyebrows it works in one step while on the hair it works in two. On the beard the one step is "hair growth" itself on the beard your hair does not fall you just do not have any which is not a good or a bad thing. Which brings me to the term of "neutral" stage. It is important to use the treatment once a day every day. Just like YOU eat everyday your beard/eyebrows will need nutrition as well for it to grow. The only way something will grow is with nutrition and growth and that is exactly what the treatment will offer your body. It is always recommended at first to shave your facial hair completely first day of use only that way the roller can have direct contact with the skin, and you can see all affected areas easier. The first thing you will always use is the roller and the product at nighttime before going to sleep when the face is completely clean and dry. It is important to use the treatment when the face is clean and dry since good hygiene is important, and water can sterilize the strength of the product. If you are someone with a beard use the roller for 5 minutes daily and apply one full dropper drop by drop until all thin or bald areas are covered. Make sure to use the roller with care since its teeth get attached very easily and you do not want it getting tangled onto the long hair and creating the illusion of “hair loss”. Which is why at the beginning as mentioned prior it is recommended to shave at the beginning only since the start of the treatment is the most important. After following these steps leave applied overnight and, in the morning, apply the moisturizing and thickening lotion. If minor irritation or scraping begins to appear do not panic everything is fine! The reason for this is because the hair is not just there to look good but to protect the skin therefore a piece of skin with no hair is much more sensitive. Once newborn hair begins to grow it will protect the skin and with time become used to the product. If you are someone with little to no facial hair at all make sure to use the roller for 10 minutes and apply not one but two full droppers one on each side of the face until the entire face is completely covered. For those who have little to no facial hair do not sweat it this product will still work I used to be just like you, and I am telling you that it is much easier to see a difference for us then someone who is already starting with a lot since when you have nothing, and something starts to grow you will easily see the difference. If you are someone who grows facial hair already it will be much easier for your body to adjust since it is easier to make something when something is already there but for someone with little to no facial hair to have the same type of effect it is important to use double dosage. Always think of your face as a gas tank if the gas tank is half filled for it to become full you need half more (1 dosage) but if your tank is empty or close to empty to fill it up and have the same effect you will have to use double the quantity (2 dosage). By doing this each treatment will last only time the half frame either way warranty is still applied at the 6-month mark on an affected area if it is consecutive. Not only that but following these steps will make the process quicker. For Example: The results someone would have at 6 months using one dosage are the same results someone would have at the 3-month mark using double dosage. The results someone would have 1 year using the product one dosage would be the same ones someone would have using double dosage for 6 months. We prefer to have you use the product for less time and get the results quicker but at the end of the day it is up to you and what you prefer. In addition, our product is better than any other not only because it works and gives the best results but because it is NOT something that you will need to use forever. Do your research on other products or products that you have already used 99.9% of those products once you stop using them you will end up worse than you started. Our product on the other hand is not something you will need to use forever only until all newborn hair has reached its permanent and adult stage. Our beard always grows in three stages: vellus stage (premature), intermediate stage (middle), and our adult stage (final). At first when hair beings to grow it will come out thin since it is new hair and at its baby stage many people think shaving will thicken the hair and help it mature faster but all that is incorrect the only way something will grow is with continuous use and growth. Most of the time vellus hair comes out light in color and very thin sometimes referred to as “peach fuzz” which is how we will keep track on your progress and advice you at what stage you are currently on. The middle stage is when your hair will begin to thicken, become darker, and start growing in length always think of this stage as a child to teenager stage and the stage you get the most notable results in most of the time. At the last stage which is our final stage is when all newborn and old hair will be thick and strong at this stage you can shave and stop using the product indefinitely unless you wish to keep using it to attain better results. Also remember to take picture first day of use and one every month until reaching the 6 months mark that way you can document your progress for the warranty and if interested in the future share your own before and after results and even join the business and help other men and women achieve the same results and confidence as you! Make sure to watch my video tutorial as well and make sure to do your own as well and post them on social media platforms and hope to see your good results soon! Do not ever forget that you are not alone I will be here every step of the way in your journey until you achieve the results that you wish to have. P.S. make sure to check out our testimony page and see real customer before and after results we are not here with the fake sh*t like the other guys.



Manny Ortiz MG Owner

Six Month Beard Kit

$360.00 Regular Price
$280.00Sale Price

    Besides creating the best product for beard/eyebrow growth and it works better than anything else we also offer you a product that is much safer to use than any other since other products not only not work but have awfully bad side effects. MG company offers you everything your beard will need in each treatment that way you the customer will not use anything else at home that will damage you or your results. As mentioned, compare us to any other product or service and our product will beat each one of them and our money is on that for a fact! Use our product and see for yourself it is wonders. Not only will we help you save money avoiding using things that do not work but time as well. Money can always be refunded but time spent cannot. Not only that but everyone knows that the cheap stuff will end up more expensive in the long run.

    Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Biotin, Sugar Cane, Rosemary Oil, Lemon Excess, Rogaine, Tea Tree Oil, Bergamot Oil, Collagen, Purified Water, and Alcohol.

  • All purchases are FINAL no returns will be accepted. The only way you can get a Return/Refund policy are for all those who have used the product for the 6-month mark and have documentational proof and pictures month and after month showing that they used the product correctly, treated all affected areas correctly, and that the product did not work.

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