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Here is our NEW One-Year Supply kit for all of our returning customers who are interested in saving money in the long run and have the same guaranteed results right now is the perfect opportunity to purchase since everything is at half the price. Our One-Year Hair Growth/Loss kit includes 12 of our serum bottles, 4 thickening shampoos, and 2 of our MG pure titanium rollers. As of now everything is NEW, IMPROVED. and 2X STRONGER that way YOU the customer can have a much better and quicker experience. The serum bottles and roller are for everything on the inside which is to open the pores and help grow “new hair” while the NEW 2 in 1 thickening shampoos and conditioners are for everything on the outside which is to help deep cleanse the scalp getting rid of everything bad and leaving the good and to help thicken both the new and the old hair. By doing this it will help YOU the client stay away from using other things at home that can damage you and your hair. Did you know that other shampoos and conditioners that help the hair end up damaging the scalp? And the ones that help the scalp thin the hair? Both causes create hair loss once more. This brings me to the point of what does someone gain using our serum bottles which are the best if they will be showering with things at home that will damage both them and their results. For this reason and more my number one job as business owner is to protect my customers and give them everything that they will need to have that fuller, thicker, and stronger hair that they wish to have. Which bring me to the new addition of my NEW 2 in 1 Shampoos and Conditioners which are 2x better then the old ones and will last double the time frame as well. That way YOU the customer will be well taken care of at home and have everything under control. These new shampoos will help both thicken the new and old hair and create a new stronger layer on the scalp which will get rid of the bad and leave the good that way the hair will have a healthy and strong foundation to grow on. The reason other products and shampoos and conditioners do not work is because they are attacking the wrong problem. 99.9% of other products promote “hair growth” and believe hair growth is the solution to the problem but each one after the other fail and I do not blame you for being skeptical about my product and thinking its just another one that will give you the same result. It benefits me to tell you the truth because if my product works on you not only will you keep purchasing but send me recommendations as well which is why I am giving you all this intel right off the bat. The reason all these other products do not work is because the problem is not hair growth because at one point no matter the severity in our baldness, we all had hair. The REAL problem is hair loss itself. Let us assume something did grow with these other products but the reason you never noticed a difference is because this newborn hair fell with the old which could have even accelerated your hair loss. 99.9% of other products instead of helping you will just end up damaging you. My product works the right way the first thing it does is stop the problem which is the hair loss which is why it is important to use it correctly and treat all your areas equally and after doing that is when newborn hair will begin to grow. Not only that but my product is not like these other products that you will have to use forever I recommend continuous use only until all newborn hair has reached its adult and permanent stage. The most common hair loss on a male is “male pattern baldness” which is when a male loses his hair from the middle to the front which is called the “hairline” and from the middle to the back which is called the “crown’. The reason this is called male pattern hair loss is because of the pattern on all these men suffering from this hair loss end up looking like. Hair loss always starts off in one of these areas and within time travels to the other and at the end is when they both connect and everything on top falls, but the sides always stay intact. With women hair loss shows in different areas with the most common being the front, sides, middle, and the crown. Each of these areas mentioned about in male and female hair loss and each should be treated equally. The dosage is one full dropper a day on each affected area. If you are a male or female with one your daily dosage will be one full dropper but if you have 2 or more your minimum dosage is two droppers a day. Also, for anyone not suffering from normal hair loss but a type of medical condition such as alopecia areata this product can help you as well just make sure to contact us to give you the proper dosage. As for everyone else here I will include the instructions on how to use the product daily. If you are a male, I always recommend shaving the head completely at the beginning of the treatment only that way the roller can have direct contact with the scalp and that way you can see how severe your hair loss is and see exactly where to apply and treat it. If you are a woman there is no need to do this but please be careful when using the roller and separate it into sections that way the roller will not get tangled onto the hair and create the illusion of hair loss. It is important to shower with the 2 in 1 shampoos and conditioners once a day every day before applying the treatment. It is recommended to shower and use the shampoos and conditioners one hour MINIMUM before applying the treatment that way each of them can have sufficient time to work properly. When showering if you are a male with short hair apply one quarter drop of shampoo onto the entire hair from beginning to end and the scalp as well and leave on for 10 minutes. If you are a woman and typically have much longer hair it is recommended to use 2 quarter drops of shampoo when hair is wet and apply from beginning to end and massage the scalp as well. With continuous use this will deep cleanse the scalp getting rid of the bad and leaving the good and help thicken all the new and old hair. The shampoos should be applied onto the entire hair while the serum bottles should only be applied onto the affected areas. After following these steps before nighttime always use the roller for 5-10 minutes if you have one affected area use for 5 minutes and if you have two then use for 10 minutes with care to open the pores and create an opening for the treatment to go inside. If minor irritation begins to show or scraping everything is completely fine do not panic! This occurs because the hair is not there to look good but to protect the skin and an area with no hair is much more sensitive but do not worry once newborn hair starts to show that new hair will protect the skin and your body will get used to the treatment. After following the previous steps is when you will fill up a full dropper and apply drop by drop onto the affected area and if you have two then you will do the same on both areas. Obviously using double dosage will result in the product lasting half the time frame but either way the warranty is still applied at the 6-month mark if it is consecutive meaning if you use 2 treatments and see no results your money will be refunded back in full! If you follow the steps and use the product as need you will see results the only way the product will not give you results is simply if you do not use it. When applying the serum make sure to apply always onto the scalp and not the hair and make sure to leave on over night that way the treatment can stay on as much time as possible.

One Year Hair Loss/Growth Kit

$840.00 Regular Price
$600.00Sale Price
  • For anyone wanting to save money, have more than one affected area, or are trying to apply on both hair and beard this treatment is reccommended. Besides creating the best product for hair loss/growth and it works better than anything else we also offer you a product that is much safer to use than any other since other products not only not work but have awfully bad side effects. MG company offers you everything your beard will need in each treatment that way you the customer will not use anything else at home that will damage you or your results. As mentioned, compare us to any other product or service and our product will beat each one of them and our money is on that for a fact! Use our product and see for yourself it is wonders. Not only will we help you save money avoiding using things that do not work but time as well. Money can always be refunded but time spent cannot. Not only that but everyone knows that the cheap stuff will end up more expensive in the long run.Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Biotin, Sugar Cane, Rosemary Oil, Lemon Excess, Rogaine, Tea Tree Oil, Bergamot Oil, Collagen, Purified Water, and Alcohol.

  • All purchases are FINAL no returns will be accepted. The only way you can get a Return/Refund policy are for all those who have used the product for the 6-month mark and have documentational proof and pictures month and after month showing that they used the product correctly, treated all affected areas correctly, and that the product did not work.

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